Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have a Wonderful Summer!

School is out and as of June 21st, the summer has officially begun! I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

Don't forget to keep reading! Reading is just like any other skill and new readers need their practice! Berkeley Public Library is offering a fantastic summer reading program perfect for Cragmont kids! Check out the details at your local branch or online here. Remember, the North and Claremont Branches are closed for renovation but this gives you a great excuse to explore other locations like the South Branch on MLK and Russell where you can borrow a hammer with your book at the tool lending library!

There are also other library systems in the area doing similar summer events:
-Alameda County Library's Summer Reading Game:
-Contra Costa County's Summer Reading Program:
-Oakland Public Library Summer Reading Program:

Here are some other things to keep you busy this summer:
-write postcards to family and friends, or even to the Berkeley Public Library Librarians!
-keep a journal or a travel log if you go on trips
-check out the website where Diary of a Wimpy Kid began:
-bookmark some new favorite websites: American Library Association's recommendations of Great Websites for Kids

It has been a wonderful year at Cragmont Library! I won't be there in the fall because I am expecting our first baby around September 2nd. I will miss everyone very much though and promise to send pictures!

Happy Reading!

-Mrs. Overlid

Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Year at Cragmont Library

Only one more week of school, can you believe it? It has been a very successful year here at the Cragmont Library, we have read a ton of books, heard lots of stories and learned a lot about how the library works!

If you find any Cragmont Library books at home, please send them back to school as soon as possible because we are trying to inventory our collection to see what books we have and what books we will need for the future.

If your student has lost a book, here are the best options:

1) replace the exact same book
2) pay for the lost books (checks should be made out to "BPEF: Cragmont Library")

If these two options are financially not available, students can:

3) bring a nice book from home that is similar to the lost book (i.e. if you lost a Spanish chapter book, please bring in a nice Spanish chapter book)
4) come help me in the library for some of your recesses.

Thanks for helping to make it a great year for Cragmont Library!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding New Kids Books!

While classics never go out of style, new books are always fun, but how do you know what is good?

Finding reviews of new children's books can sometimes be overwhelming so here is a neat article outlining blogs, professional review site and other online resources for new children's books!

I am personally a big fan of Fuse 8 (written by a NY Public Library Librarian) and anything on School Library Journal's review area.

Start your summer reading booklist today!